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Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys

Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys is a premier electrical services provider serving Van Nuys area and the environs. We provide end-to-end electrical installation services for commercial and residential customers. Our highly qualified electricians have the required electrical equipment and tools hence we will provide you a reliable service always.

We ensure that our service vans are equipped with all important tools and equipment while these vans are always parked in close proximity ensuring that we reach the customer’s residence in good time. Therefore, if you require the best electrical installation and repair services, Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys is the trusted company in Van Nuys.

We provide our customers with reliable and friendly electricians. In addition, we make sure that our electricians are inducted on professional customer service. This is important especially to make sure that our customers feel greatly respected especially when we are working at your residence.

Our professional electricians will leave your home as clean as we found it. We are committed to ensuring a fast and reliable electrical installation or repair. We provide you with the electricians with a high ability for resolving the different electrical faults you might be experiencing.

Talk to us today for the best electrical services in Van Nuys. To reach us, dial our number (805)944-1691. We will be glad to serve you.

Below are some of the services that we offer.


Electrical Services


Electrical Panel Upgrade, Repair and Installation

Do you need to install a new electrical panel to cater for the increasing electrical consumption? Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys provides you professional electrical panel installation.

We will replace the existing electrical panel with a brand new one that suits the current requirements. For commercial and residential use electrical panels, Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys is the ultimate service provider.

We offer you the best services and at a reasonable fee. So call us today and enjoy great convenience. Because we provide same day electrical panel installation, repair, and servicing.

Installation Switches and Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets and switches are among the most important electrical components in your home. you have to make sure that your electrical outlets will be installed by a qualified professional. The same would apply for the electrical switches. If the switches are not fully functional, you will definitely face problems trying to put on the lighting. To avoid frequent electrical switch or electrical outlet faults, hire professionals who will help you. At Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys, we are the electrical outlet and electrical switch installation experts. Call us today and enjoy reliable service.


EV and Tesla Charging Station Installation

Electric vehicles are quickly gaining popularity. As more people purchase these vehicles, the charging stations will become limited. There is greater convenience when you consider installing the EV charging station for your vehicle. Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys provides EV charging station installation. We have the best EV charging stations including for Tesla and other luxurious electrical vehicles. Our EV installation service is provided at the best rates you will find within Van Nuys. Therefore, call us today and enjoy unlimited advantages when it comes to the installation of the electric vehicle charging station.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting

The ceiling fans play a complementary role when it comes to the functioning of the HVAC equipment. In addition, the ceiling fans provide an attraction in your living room especially if professionally installed. Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys provides professional ceiling fans installation. Call us today and enjoy the best services. We ensure that our customers are enjoying the best services when it comes to the installation and servicing of the electrical switches and the electrical outlets.


Residential and Commercial

Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys provides electrical installation and repair services for commercial and residential customers. When you contact us, you are guaranteed that we will serve you best. We have residential electricians as well as commercial electricians. Therefore, we are able to provide commercial and residential customers a custom solution whenever either of them requires electrical installation or repair services. call us today and enjoy the best services.

Emergency Electrical Diagnostic & Repair

Are you experiencing frequent electrical faults? This requires advanced troubleshooting in order to identify the issue and have it resolved immediately.

At Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys, we provide our customers with advanced skill and modern technology for electrical fault troubleshooting. Our knowledgeable technical team will have a look at the electrical issue and provide a quick problem resolution. When the problem is identified, we also have a ready solution to the problem. Contact us now to get the best troubleshooting and repair services.

Are you in need of an emergency electrician? Extra Electrician Service Van Nuys is the best service provider you can always rely on. For this we provide advanced skills and technology. Which are suitable for commercial and residential electrical installation, troubleshooting, and repair services. So call us on (805)944-1691 for an emergency electrician 24 hour.